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New to my store! The rams skull is symbolic of A Forest of Shadows, featuring on my shop logo! The Ram has played an important role in the religion and mythology of many different cultures. It first appears as a symbol in Ancient Egypt, as the god Amon was depicted with a ram’s head. In Celtic symbolism, it represents fertility and rebirth. The ram’s horns are the symbol of the zodiac sign of Aries and even the Greek name of this sign (krios=ram) indicates the correlation between the zodiac sign and the ram. In Greek Mythology, the Golden Fleece ram, a ram with wings helps Phrixus escape from his father and stepmother and the sacrifice they had planned for him. It’s the same ram that is the object of Jason’s quest during the Argonautic expedition. This brooch is a metal alloy and measures approx 3cm X 5cm It has a classic hinge fastening with a pivot to lock it into place.