Memento Mori Original Artwork, Victorian art, witchy art, pansy art

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🥀This is an original artwork by A Forest of Shadows. 🥀This illustration features the iconic symbol of Victorian memento mori, the hand with flowers. 🥀The pansy flower signifies loving thoughts and remembrance amongst other things. The pansy flower was used to convey not easily expressed in Victorian England such as “I’m feeling amorous towards you”, “I am thinking of you “or “I have thoughts of you “or “I’m missing you”, but always it was about one person thinking of another. 🥀This illustration is hand drawn on Daler Rowney 250gsm paper, using acrylic paint, brush pens, and fineliner pen. 🥀Standard A4 size (21cm X 29.7cm). Please have a look at my other work at