Lilith A5 Print | Occult Witchy Art | Feminist Wall Art | Goddess Print | Black and White Illustration

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🌚This is an A5 sized print of the illustration of Lilith by A Forest of Shadows. 🌚Perfect as a small altar artwork. 🌚Lilith is a beautiful and powerful goddess of sexuality, the divine feminine, the moon, and darkness. She is the protectress of women, especially witches. She is also likely the most misunderstood goddess to have ever existed. Many fear her, because she refuses to be put down and is the epitome of female power. Some even claim her to be a demon or vampyre. To many, though, she is a beloved goddess and a mother. She is giving and true, though she does require her followers to put in the work that is required. You can’t use her, but, if you’re willing to do what is required, she can make you the best version of you possible. 🌚Lilith prints are also available in a larger A3 size. 🌚Printed professionally on 300gsm heavyweight recycled stock. 🌚 I use a 100% carbon neutral printing company, thus all print sales are carbon neutral. *Please note the picture frame is for photographic purposes only and NOT included! Please have a look at my other work at