English Bluebells Original Art | botanical illustration | floral cottagecore wall art | British Spring Easter gift

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This is an original hand drawn illustration by A Forest of Shadows. Inspired by the bluebells currently growing in the flower bed of my little Victorian yard, I couldn’t resist drawing this little study! Bluebells are surrounded with folklore, Bluebell woods are enchanted. Fairies used them to lure and trap people in their nether world! They also feature in history, 13th century monks used them to treat snakebites and lepers – very much a kill or cure remedy given that bluebells are poisonous! Hand drawn on Daler Rowney Murano pastel paper, using Derwent pencils, Arteza Brush pens and Micron fine liner pens. This illustration is A4 size, and unframed. Please have a look at my other work at www.Etsy.com/shop/aforestofshadows