Diana Nemorensis Original Art | pagan goddess art | witchy wall art | feminist wall print | Roman mythology | moon goddess art | Wicca decor

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This is an original artwork by A Forest of Shadows. Featuring a depiction of the Roman goddess, Diana Nemorensis. Diana Nemorensis ("Diana of Nemi"), also known as "Diana of the Wood", was an Italic form of the goddess who became Hellenised during the fourth century BC. Her sanctuary was to be found on the northern shore of Lake Nemi beneath the cliffs of the modern city Nemi (Latin nemus Aricinum). The artwork is a multi media piece using acrylic paints, fine liner pens and paint pens. The artwork is A3 size. I’m offering this original work at a discounted price, as it’s an older piece. So grab yourself a fantastic bargain! *Please note that the picture frame is for photographic purposes only and NOT included! Please have a look at my other work www.Etsy.com/shop/aforestofshadows